We have more possibilities
and we do more than others. 

We act in a much wider range than most of the advertising agencies could offer. Apart from the department of creative planning and graphical department we have a design studio and 3D department, which is why we can run truly integrated campaigns in which, apart from traditional advertising tools, we deal with designing interiors and space arrangement, all within one branding strategy and one, consistent visual concept. This way we create new areas of communication and we set new standards of image building. Our constantly growing group of satisfied clients is the best proof of our efficiency

  • Branding and rebranding

    Branding is an array of activities aimed at creating not only a positive but desired image of a company or a product and, consequently, invoking certain association in the recipients. Rebranding, in turn, is an activity aimed at changing the way an existing brand is perceived. As a result of our work, your product or company would gain the image you want – exceptional, standing out from the competition, being a synonym of quality with which the recipients would want to identify.

  • Print: brochures, folders, leaflets;

    Modern design, the highest quality of print and paper, oftentimes customized formats and additional decorations are the most important features of our printing materials that for many years have been admired by our clients.

  • Visualizations

    A special place in our graphic and multimedia offer is devoted to 3D visualizations, which are the best trademark of FAMA graphic studio among its Polish as well as foreign recipients. The attention to details and impressive realism are the most important features of our works, which have received distinctions and awards at prestigious web portals such as CG Architect or Vis Masters.

  • Films and animations

    Having years of experience allows us to create promotional and advertising movies of highest quality. We combine movies and animation, setting in motion previously designed three-dimensional objects and spaces, bringing into life pictures that are not yet real.

  • Websites

    Currently it is one of the most important advertising tools, a space for building image and communicating with clients. While designing websites we remember about responsivity. Responsive Web Design is a technique enabling the outlook and layout of our site to adapt to the device they are displayed on (tablet, laptop, smartphone). Each time we combine modern layout with functionality so that the site navigation is not only easy and intuitive but also gives visitors an aesthetic pleasure.

  • Architectural models

    A traditional form of presenting architectural objects: single buildings, office complexes and housing estates. Our models are a perfect way to present in a tangible form and tiniest details a space and architecture of a given project.

  • Visual communication systems

    It is a set of elements comprising a brand, company or product image. Developing a visual communication system we offer you a uniquely wide set of activities: from logotype design, through font, color scheme, typography, business stationery to space arrangement, interior design and, in the case of property investment, signposting the area of the investment and sales office arrangement.

  • Media purchase

    On the basis of target group analysis, its consumer habits, style of life and attitude towards advertisement we choose the most efficient form of marketing campaign. We implement it relying on the proper tools and the media to guarantee reaching as big part of the target group as possible.

  • Public relations events,
    including events organization

    We conduct activities meant to build a certain brand or product image. We help to create positive relations with recipients and clients as well as company employees or its immediate vicinity – among local communities.